Tiffany Harris

Creator of Whip My Butta Organics

Tiffany Harris is a dedicated business owner with degrees in Business Management, Cosmetology, Occupational Therapy, wound care and a certification in manual lymph drainage. Whip My Butta Organics was created in 2018 due to Tiffany having issues with her children’s skin. Both her children had eczema and nothing she found in stores was working. After many trials and errors she created an organic solution that healed their skin in just days! She felt she had the ability to help many others with their skin so she sought out classes in skincare and formulation. Since then she has grown rapidly, developing new products readily and continuing on her journey to help educate and relieve her clients with her organic skincare solutions.


Facebook: Whip My Butta Organics by Jania

Instagram: @whipmybuttaorganics

Tik Tok: @wmbuttababe2018

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