Oindree Banerjee

Oindree Banerjee is a physicist with a passion for helping students and people who are pursuing a PhD. Oindree is originally from India but she moved to the USA in pursuit of higher education. She graduated from the the Ohio State University with a PhD in physics and her thesis research sub-field was Particle Astrophysics. She worked on an ultra-high-energy neutrino experiment called ANITA which was a project sponsored by NASA. ANITA stands for ANtarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna and is the world’s only detector searching for neutrinos of ultra-high energies above EeV. During Oindree's time in school she began blogging because she felt it helped her cope with her mental health struggles. She expressed that the culture around academia was competitive in a toxic way and left her feeling very isolated from the world. She wanted to reach other students and people pursuing a PhD because she felt she could help them with the many struggles it presents. Having unique insights as a woman in physics she continued to expand her avenues in helping others by means of her blog, website, podcast and books. She currently works as a research physicist for the air force and continues to blog and encourages students to use her as a valuable resource.


Instagram: @oindreebee

Oindree's Books:

Podcast: How To PhD

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