Melissa Harrison

Melissa Harrison is a life coach with a passion for helping ambitious women follow their heart and achieve their goals by getting out of their head and overcoming their habits of overthinking. She has a masters degree in psychology and a background in teaching but she felt she could use her knowledge to help other ambitious women connect with their intuition and spirituality to create the life they desire. Her own trials and tribulations led her to have a unique perspective and a drive for helping others. She is a published author and has mentored many ambitious women and is passionate in what she does.



LinkedIn: @melissa-harrison-coach

FB/Pinterest/IG: @melissaharrisoncoach

YouTube: Melissa Harrison Coaching

TikTok: @melissaharrisoncoach

Twitter @melissacoach1

Books by Melissa Harrison: Fierce Feminine Leader: The Definitive Guide for Ambitious Women to Truly Tap Into Their Genius, 30 Days to Freedom From Toxic Relationships: How to Win the Battle With Your Toxic Ex, and Any Other Toxic Person in Your Life

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