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Megan Johnson-NAK & Company

Megan is the founder of NAk & company which focuses on business solutions that are comprehensive, tailored and flexible.

Megan started NAK five years ago when the struggle to manage her family and 9-5 job became misaligned with her overall goals for herself and her family. Merging her passion with her knowledge she has built this company from the ground up believing in the beginning that she would simply take on a few clients from home and now managing a wonderful team of more than twenty employees.

Megan is passionate about the work life balance and loves the flexibility that NAK provides for herself, her employees and her clients.

In the beginning NAK was only able to offer administrative support but is now proud to offer a full suite of services ranging from social media management, video editing, email management and so much more.

Watch the full interview below to learn more about Megan Johnson and her wonderful company NAK! I can say first hand , as I use them to manage my social media through Moxxi Coffee, that Megan and her team are wonderful to work with and so helpful to me and my company. I could not help but want to tell the world about Megan's awesome company and the path that brought her there!!

If You would like to help the Moxxi Women's Foundation Celebrate Ambitious Women who are the champions of their own story, or are interested in becoming a non profit member, please click the link below. Donate Today!!

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