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Lyndi Cochran aka Bendy Lyndi

Lyndi is a professional pole dancer from Austin TX.

Lyndi has been dancing for more than 9 years. She fell in love with the art at the early age of 16. All it took was one class for her to know that pole dancing was something she wanted to pursue.

Lyndi talks about the different styles of dance and the competitive nature of the sport as well as the fact that the art can take on so many different forms using music of different genres and that that it doesn't have to be sexy. The demographic of women who are taking pole dancing lessons ranges from 20-40 years old and she says that the beauty of pole dancing is that you can dive in at any age.

After nine years in the sport Lyndi has seen many changes. When she first began poling she says it wasn't nearly as well known in terms of being a sport or an art form. She's seen a lot of shift in the perception of it in society. She says that she occasionally still gets comments from people on social media who do not understand the difference between striping and pole dancing but in the year 2022 she feels that those opinions are out of date. Though there is a difference between strippers and pole dancers she has nothing but love and admiration for the the entertainers who paved the way for this to transition into the sport and art form that it is today.

Watch the full interview below.

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