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Body Piercer & Owner of Limbo Tattoo


A new piercing and tattoo shop has opened in the quaint town of Saratoga Springs, NY. At Limbo Tattoo, all walks of life are welcome and greeted by its inviting owner, Krista Breault.

With her ambitious demeanor and determined attitude, she managed to get up and running during the Covid -19 pandemic. We are all yearning for some sense of normalcy and a place where we can have some fun and allow our creativity to speak. Breault is open to the public and scheduling one on one appointments for both body piercings and tattoos. She has a whole lot of love and pride for Saratoga, and she feels fortunate to be a local business owner. Now is a time to give back and share what she has learned on her travels, as well as a time to put some roots down and establish strong connections with her customers.

Tattoo project, started by @inkybynature at Limbo Tattoo

In 2015, Breault landed an apprenticeship at a prestigious tattoo parlor in Saratoga called NeedleWurks. Her position flourished into a full time position for many years. At Needwurks, she was taught under mentor, Michael Backus, who has been piercing for over 25 years and is a true pioneer in the Saratoga scene.

NeedleWurks was an established business, known for having very skilled artists, and was always incredibly busy. On Saturdays alone, the artists would do around 40 piercings.

Breault said one day in Fall of 2015, she won a pumpkin carving contest at NeedleWurks. Between the prize money and her barista salary at the time, she was able to afford monthly tattoo appointments. This is when she started to become friends with the artists and became more involved. In a way, it was the beginning of her career.

A four beaded cluster from @bvla

Once Breault started, she knew that piercing was it, and she had found her niche. Not only was she part of the Saratoga circuit, but on her days off she would travel around the US and Canada, visiting shops and shadowing professionals. Here, she learned a lot by analyzing people's piercing approach and their unique techniques. Every year in Las Vegas, The Association of Professional Piercers Conference is held. Although it was cancelled this year, Breault typically attends yearly. It’s an opportunity to network with colleagues and participate in a week-long course catalog.

Krista with her @redfernadornments plugs

In the Fall of 2018, Breault took a position at True Expression Studio tattoo shop in Queens, NY. It was time to advance her career, go somewhere new and learn different techniques. Here, she worked under head piercer Paul Fox. After being in Queens for a year, Breault realized that Saratoga is where she really wanted to be. She knew there was room in the community to grow, and that it is a place where her expertise and skills could be utilized. It was then that she began the migration back upstate, and got her feet on the ground by returning to NeedleWurks.

Shortly after, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Breault utilized this time to grow professionally and allow her creativity to take reign. She bought a torch, gold, some other materials and started experimenting with jewelry making. A new found passion was created by doing this, and she began to educate herself on various techniques. Between jewelry making and studying piercing, Breault allowed the idea of starting a new business to foster. By the Summer of 2020, she decided to make the bold and risky decision to go all in, to start her own shop!

“It's so much fun that sometimes it doesn't feel like work. I love to do piercings, and to do them well, to learn peoples anatomy. I love helping somebody, I help people overcome their fears.”

The Limbo Tattoo store front

Presently, Limbo Tattoo is owned and operated by Breault, where she is the full time professional piercer. Ben Lambert is a local tattoo artist who also operates out of the shop. The two together have a symbiotic relationship. They work well and share similar visions on the Saratoga tattoo and piercing industry, as well as their own careers. Having been opened for a few months now, Breault has continued to have a positive outlook on the shop. Her visionary approach and charismatic attitude is incredibly welcoming. Nestled in the cute, cottage - like plaza on the corner of Broadway Street and Circular Street, Limbo Tattoo is hard to miss. The space was formerly occupied by Arora Tattoo Society, which is now located on Henry Street, also in Saratoga.

Limbo Tattoo is a safe and comfortable environment. Typically, one full hour is dedicated to each client. Breault takes time and care, familiarizing herself with her clientele. She takes notes on their anatomy, to gain a better understanding on what type of work they want done. She then curates looks and finds viable options on piercings and jewelry for the client. “I push quality.” Breault says she doesn't have any room for error, and she uses high quality jewelry. None of her jewelry will tarnish, and because of its high quality, it allows client's skin to heal well. She sterilizes everything in front of her clients, and uses above standard health and safety practices, every time she has an appointment. Limbo Tattoo is allowing one client in at a time, right now, and they are taking all Covid -19 protocols necessary.

“As a business starts small, it's like a flower. It's gonna grow, as long as you feed it and nurture it, it will flourish.”

Limbo Tattoo

It is only the beginning for Limbo Tattoo, and Breault already has plans to expand into her own line of jewelry, specifically with unique gems and gold. She wants to create an “overall ensemble” for people. Throughout her life, she has altered her own look as a form of self expression. Helping others see part of their identity in reality, is inspiring to her. People seek out change, and with change comes inspiration. This ignites people to live outside of their comfort zone and follow their dreams.

Fashion trends are constantly in flux, and people’s religious beliefs and culture change. Someone may be lacking self confidence, and by altering their physical appearance, piercers are able to give them the self-assurance that they need, for whatever it is that they are struggling with. Through her curated styles at Limbo Tattoo, Breault can give people the visual presentation that they are looking for, in order to communicate and express their own, unique self.

“Be yourself... Over the years I've realized people like me, they like my energy. I am excited about doing their piercing. I'm just being myself.”

Healed philtrum by Krista

Breault takes inspiration from body modification culture, current trends, and history. It is an industry that has so much history, and is constantly growing. She takes influence from ear stretching tribes in Asia, as well as the rich history behind tattoos, and nearly everything in-between. There is even proof that piercings and tattoos date back as far as the Neolithic times. Tattoos and piercings are no longer just on the edge of society. Aside from someone's cultural identity, tattoos are still a progressive form of expression in most American communities.

Socially, body modification is becoming widely accepted. Workplaces don't have as strict rules as they once had, and awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations aren't quite as prevalent. Today, according to, in the United States alone, almost half of all adults have at least one tattoo, and about 40% have four or more.

“It’s becoming normal but it’s still its own niche. It’s super cool to be different, yet I go to Vegas and I see thousands of people that look just like me.”

She is happy to be part of the progressive movement happening where women are opening their own tattoo parlors and shops. Breault says not only is she seeing a lot of women-owned shops, but also a lot of clients seeking female artists.

“People like getting piercings and tattoos by women. We are approachable, and we listen.”

When Breault worked in Queens, many of her clients could only be pierced by women for specific religious reasons. Western society has implemented many misconceptions and stereotypes in piercing and tattoo culture, which in turn makes piercing and tattoo parlors seem intimidating. Often times, male-owned and operated shops will have a certain stigma to them. That status quo is also starting to be lifted as tattooing becomes more mainstream.

Helix piercing w/ a marquise fan set in 14k yellow gold

“I've done a lot of traveling, it is good to be super busy with the shop. I am happy to be rooted here. Focus on piercing and building my clientele.”

Breault finds that people trust her, and that she has the ability to make people comfortable by maintaining a fun and approachable environment. She loves to get to know her customers, spend time with them, and relate. It is significant that she establishes these connections. She values the importance of the craft greatly, as well the client.

To schedule an appointment with Breault you can reach out online or call the store today!

Limbo Tattoo location: 219 Broadway St. Suite 4, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Hours of operation: 7 days a week 12PM - 8PM

Contact: (518) 886 - 9665

Website: @limbotattoo2020 on Facebook, @ilmbotattoo_ on Instagram

Services offered:

Body piercing: Adult earlobes, nose, genitals, big ear projects, and more. Children’s ear lobes.

Focuses on: Curating a person’s look. She finds people’s unique style and matches the appropriate jewelry and piercings

Other: Retails Jewelry

Q + A with Krista Breault

Q: Has anything crazy ever happened while you have been piercing?

A: "One time, in my whole career, I had a gentleman pass out. He wasn’t getting pierced! He was the one holding the hand."

Q: Why do you think people struggle with getting tattoos?

A: “A lot of people are still very old school and they want their piercings and tattoos to mean something. She says, “You just gotta go for it, stop talking about it, just do it. I think of imagery I love, the person I'm getting tattooed from, the shop, a all becomes something. It means that to me. Or, I’ve gotten tattooed just for fun.” Basically, you only live once right? So why not? It is your body, yes. It is your temple. Tattoos are just scars, you are going to have them."

Breault says, "In this day in age, you can keep it forever or get rid of it. No biggie."

Q: What advice would you give to women?

A: "You are in control of your own destiny. Keep pushing for the things you really wanna do in life, because you can really achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Like, look at me now. I had a goal and now I’m here with some hard work and motivation. Now I’m living my dream job. Keep doing what makes you happy. Be the best ‘you’ that you can be.“

Q: How do you take your coffee?

A: Lately she has been drinking it daily with light cream and sugar. On occasion, she splurges and gets a latte with some flavor and, let’s face it, a little bit of pumpkin spice never did anyone harm! She says it all depends on her mood.

Q: What do you love about coffee?

A: "I love drinking coffee and how it makes me feel! Especially on an 'off' day, so I don’t have to worry about my hands being jittery at all.”

Q: What does the word Moxxi mean to you?

A: “Confidence and spunk!”

Q: Any favorite artists?

A: “Michael Hussar. - An American painter"

Q: Any favorite quotes?

A: “‘Don’t go backwards' is something I’ve always said to myself over and over again.”

Q: Favorite songs?

A: 'Isn't She Lovely' by Stevie Wonder and 'The Beautiful People' by Marilyn Manson."

Written & Curated By | Krysta Kearney, Moxxi Coffee Co.

Photos from the @limbotattoo_ instagram and @kristathepiercer on instagram


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