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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Owner, Mother Like a Boss


Have you been able to identify with yourself lately? Do you love and respect yourself? It is so easy to get caught up in your life, your kids lives, everyone else's lives, other than your own! Why do we allow ourselves to get wrapped up in a world of chaos only to loop back and play the same track again? We see this time and time again. Sometimes it is easier to identify these trends in others, when truly it is you who is struggling to balance life and keep afloat.

So what do you do? How does one break through and get to a state of self control? Putting your family, your kids and others first is noble, yes, but in order to truly be able to help others and maintain a successful pattern while doing it you need to have some love for YOURSELF and take control of YOU.

We can all thank Kendra Hennessy of Mother Like a Boss for figuring out a way to help others be true to themselves! She has developed an inspiring and total ‘BOSS’ program outlining what it takes to live life on your own terms and be successful doing it. Hennessy has successfully rebranded the word ‘Homemaker.’ Modern homemaking does not have to have a negative connotation. It can be strong, beautiful and empowering because it all comes from self-love, am I right? Let’s challenge tradition and embrace the new! We need to not forget the past but take it with us and create contemporary methods which fit into today’s current society and within the parameters of your own home, because home is what you make it!

“Homemaking doesn't have to be an icky, antiquated word or activity. It can simply be what it is; making your home. Making it joyful. Making it inviting. Making it fit your unique lifestyle, for your unique family.” - Mother like a Boss website

Mother Like A Boss is an online program with a course catalog that offers guidance and tools for discovering your worth, taking ownership of your life and cultivating a home. She teaches this through implementing strategies to make realistic and simplistic changes in day to day life.

“It's not me telling them what to do, it’s about me supporting them in what they do. Give them the tools to figure out what works best, a framework.”

She has created a safe space for women and for them to do better for themselves. Five years ago she loathed the word 'homemaker'. She, like many of us, had a misconception of its' meaning. It was antiquated and outdated. Now, she is a pioneer in challenging the social connotations associated with it and recognizes it as a powerful term. She aids women in getting the empowerment to choose what’s right for them. Her program shows mothers how to make life easier by incorporating the entire family. Whether that means your partner, your kids, or if you are a single mother (or father), how can other people get involved so the burden isn’t entirely on you? It’s formatted to make life more enjoyable by creating better routines and simplifying daily tasks through a systematic approach. All are welcome, it’s not only designed for mothers but for fathers, people without kids...really anyone. The program is heavily geared towards mindset.

“We’re passionate about empowering you with the tools to manage and make your home with confidence (and with the help of everyone else in the house, too). Most importantly, our mission is to help moms (re)discover their worth outside of what they get done each day or being “just a mom.” - Mother Like A Boss website

The programs not only identify life's stressors, but they teach women how to cope and look at them differently. It’s about deciding what is right for you and what works best to be successful and feel good. It’s about giving yourself the power.

“We carry our homes with us everywhere we go. Our home is what we create. Homemaking is about cultivation. What do you feel when you walk in the door?”

Hennessy is constantly finding new ways to help create homes that feel safe. People tend to strive for perfection and often are afraid of being judged if their home and real life ‘family portrait’ doesn’t appear perfect.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect. Perfectionism is a mindset not a personality trait.”

A big concept that she pushes in her classes is, ‘Momentum Over Motivation.’ This is the idea of getting the ball rolling on your own, actually making things happen and taking the leaps yourself. Many of us are motivated to get things moving but don’t actually do it. Basically, instead of waiting to feel a feeling, which may never happen, you just need to start. Take that first step. Once you do, the next foot will follow and so on and so forth.

Hennessy got the idea for Mother Like a Boss through her previous venture, which was a cleaning company that she owned and operated for ten years. Day after day, client after client, she would clean their homes. She realized that she could help people on a different level. Help 'clean up the messes' by working from within. Her helping people find their routines and the trends that make them unsuccessful would in turn make their lives simpler. She felt that constantly, people are focusing on the messes rather than finding the fault at hand and creating a resolution.

Now with over 18,000 students and over 2 million podcast downloads, Mother Like a Boss is really helping people. In the beginning it was a struggle. Kendra was transitioning from owning one business to creating a completely different new one, all while being a mother to two kids and maintaining a healthy relationship with her partner. She knew then that the hard work would be worth it. She knew her teachings would help empower women.

“We live in a very patriarchal society. I want to empower women because if more people are empowered we can tip the scales a little bit more. Women need to step into their power and they need to understand they are more powerful than they think they are. One of the most powerful things I can do is raise children that will help tip those scales.”

Hennessy cultivates a very safe community, is open minded, inclusive and forward thinking. She prioritizes diversity. At Mother Like A Boss you are allowed to be anyone you want to be, but not allowed to judge anyone else for who they are. A truly safe place. All are welcome, mothers, fathers, people without kids, couples together. She says, “There is a ridge that’s happening.” A lot of the content in the programs are focused on mindset and is ubiquitous. There are no set guidelines on what type of person you must be or who you identify as. Anyone can follow her program.

“Confidence comes from consistency.”

Accepting failure and allowing yourself to learn is incredibly hard but will only make you grow. Instead of not trying, defy yourself. Challenge whatever it may be, over and over again until you feel confident. Hennessy says surrounding yourself with a good support system helps; It keeps your doors open for safe criticism. In order to be successful in business you must be open to learning and be coachable. It is so hard for us, as humans, to hear we are doing something wrong.

“Being open to learning is being open to information. Being coachable is being open to transformation.”

Hennessy says she has been successful in such a short amount of time because she allowed herself to be open to failure and has implemented what she has learned. Basically, you have to take action in order for it to actually happen.

“I’ve learned way more from my failures than my successes.”

For Hennessy one of her biggest achievements has been the success of her podcast. With the amount of downloads Mother Like a Boss has had, she can measure how far her message is going. It encourages and inspires her to keep pushing and to develop her programs further. She takes inspiration from seeing confidence and passion in people; this is what drives her.

“I love other people’s passions. I love that my children are passionate about things. Passion to me is inspirational because that means that someone loves something.”

These inspiring and confidence building podcasts cover a wide range of topics from parenting, mindset, homemaking, self doubt, finances and more. She has well over 200 episodes. A plethora of courses are offered that are varying in scale and price to accommodate a variety of course lengths and budgets, she even offers a free training course. People want a leader they can trust and respect. Someone who takes action, has self confidence and is committed.

When Hennessy isn’t working she is spending quality time with her partner and kids, enjoying the outdoors and loving the home that she and her family have created together. She is so fortunate for all that she has and couldn’t be happier. In speaking with Hennessy she exudes passion and love. Her courageous energy is lively and truly exceeds the ordinary. The work that she teaches and morals she abides by speak through in her personality. It's a true testament to what she stands for. Kendra Hennessy, is an empowering woman in herself who uses her strengths for the greater good. There is more to life than constantly being stressed! It is ok to be freaked out, we are all human. It’s about how you go about it that makes a difference and that can really change your life. Stressors are just roadblocks that can be easily moved. It is important to live in the now and enjoy what we have. Hennessy said if there is one thing she wishes she could go back in time and do more of, it's being outside. She recommends, especially for business owners.

“Just breathe the fresh air, note the things in nature. Nature is a constant reminder to how abundant the universe is.”

“You’re worthy of love and understanding. You’re worthy of the investment of time and money into yourself. You’re worthy of a community to lift you up.” - Mother Like A Boss Website

Q + A with Kendra Hennessey

Q: Who are your mentors?

A:Denise Duffield Thomas - Her books are incredible. The are based on money mindset work. One being Chillpranuer. It’s about being chill in entrepreneurship. Not having to hustle as much as you think you need to.

James Wedmore - looks at business from a mindset standpoint. Check out the podcast, Mind your Business. It’s about shifting beliefs about yourself and your business.

Q: We noticed on your site you love 90’s Hip Hop, what’s your fav?!

A: Everyone has their “get up” song... A song to pep them up when they are getting ready to go out or having a bad day. Kendra's is is PARTY UP by DMX! She instantly has to start dancing. She also loves Jay Z, Nelly and Ludacris.

Q: What does the word Moxxi mean to you?

A: "Oh, I love it. To me Moxxi is unbiased confidence and sass. I tend to be a little sarcastic and a little sassy. To me, Moxxi means showing up as yourself with a little sass and unbiased confidence for who you are.” Hennessy says her daughter has Moxxi. She has always had a passion for life and has never cared what other people think about her.

Q: Any favorite quotes?

A: “What got you here won't get you there.” and “Consistency beats proficiency.”...Being persistent at something beats being proficient.

Q: What does coffee mean to you?

A: "For me, One: the caffeine jolt!! Two: there’s nostalgia!” She says her dad and step dad always drank coffee growing up and that her sister always says, “Coffee reminds me of a Saturday morning.” She loves going out with friends and getting coffee. “It's a lifestyle, it brings people together - it's a sense memory for me.”

Q: What is some important advice for women?

A:It’s important to not be holstered in your home.” Mom’s are always at home. Sometimes even when presented with an opportunity to go out it's easier for moms to stay in than to get everything together for an outing. It is so important to get out, it can be depressing. Even if you just go for a drive.

Q: Do you feel like we learn from children?

A: "My kids have taught me way more than I've taught them. If we allow kids to teach us then they will teach us a lot. Part of that is being humble enough to know as an adult you don't know everything. I've been through more ‘life’ but they can teach us a lot about life and about being present in the moment."

Written & Curated By | Krysta Kearney, Moxxi Coffee Co.


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