Haley Shapley

Author- Strong Like Her: A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers and Unstoppable Athletes.

Haley says she grew up playing a lot of sports and always involved with athletics but never strength trained. As she began her strength training journey she noticed that more women were lifting heavy weights. This made her question when that transition of women in strength training and competition began to happen. She recalls that when she was growing up the focus was more on aerobics and getting slim. To answer this she began researching the history of fitness to see if there had been a time in which a stronger more muscular woman was more socially acceptable.

What she found was.... Not much. In that she saw an opportunity and began to uncover stories of women from the past. This is the basis for her book which is a cultural history which looks at women of muscular strength going all the way back to ancient Greece through today.


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