Eliza Carey-Phoenix Landscape and Design

Eliza says she has always loved working outside and that her grandmother was an avid gardener and she often worked in the garden with her. She bought her first home eight years ago and landscaped every corner of it. This led to friends asking for help with their property both inside and out. One of her friends suggested that she start a business which she did, first with a partner. When that didn't work out she started Phoenix Landscape and Design in April of 2020.

Phoenix Landscape and Design works with interior spaces in the winter and has a team of independent contractors that was originally comprised of mostly friends but she says that this year she will be bringing on others. Eliza loves all aspects of the business both the business and physical labor side though she does admit that painting ceilings is not her favorite task. Her specialty, she says is utilizing outdoor space especially the parts of a property that might not otherwise be utilized.


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