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Alexandra Ashe- Kinkatopia

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Have you ever seen a kinkajou? A kinkajou is a mammal that lives in tropical rain forests. They are also known as the "honey bear".

Alexandra runs a Kinkajou sanctuary out of Boca Raton Florida. They are the only sanctuary in the world that focuses specifically on kinkajous which are brought in through pet trade. The problem with this is that kinks do not make ideal pets and most end up being rehomed, do not live to their full life expectancy and are often not taken care of properly. Kinkatopia works to both educate people on the difficulties of trying to keep a kink as a pet as well as with zoos and private owners to create a community in which they can help each other ensure that these captive kinkajous have the best life possible.

Alexandra freely and openly admits that she came to be the founder of this sanctuary because she, herself was the owner that she warns against. Years ago she ran a non-profit which helped rehome an/or rehab basically any type of animal that they could help. A friend of hers got a kink and within 48 hours she took out a loan to get a cute little kink for herself. She says that the first nine months to a year with a kink they are super cute with their little baby face, their adult teeth haven't come in yet so they are manageable. Alexandra goes on to explain how things changed after that first year and not having many professional resources available to her to help learn how to manage some of the issues that were arising prompted her to be that resource for others.

Here are some of the top reasons to pass on the temptation that is the sweet faced kinkajou.

  1. They have a nasty bite and can be very unpredictable

  2. They are costly to feed with a diet of fresh fruit

  3. They are costly to maintain, requiring a specialized vet

  4. They have a very long life-span with the record in captivity at 40 years

  5. They only bond with a select few making travel or outside care nearly impossible

  6. They are extremely destructive and it is recommended to have metal walls, reinforced windows, vandal proof EVERYTHING because they are able to open doors, manipulate locks etc.

  7. They become aggressive and territorial if not spayed or neutered , and often after.

Kinkatopia is astoundingly supported mostly by their followers!! She says that social media followers donate dinner, snacks and healthcare to the kinks. Her community is the keystone. Without that support they couldn't exist since they have no government funding currently. If you would like to follow and support kinkatopia, see the links below.

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